Max Muscle Carbo 6 lbs, Unflavoured

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Carbo Max 6 lbs

Itis ideal supplement for sustaining high levels of energy during intense training sessions, bodybuilding contests, or any endurance activity requiring long-term energy or can be used as an effective way to gain weight. It a 100% pure source of complex carbohydrates derived from natural grain sources. It is included Maltodextrins which is easily digested short chain of 3 -20 glucose units in length and a convenient source of intermediate energy. Carbo Max is Instantized for easy mixing and 100 % pure source of complex carbohydrates. It is tasteless, so it can be used with juice, milk or water. It is scientifically formula, ideal for gaining lean muscle because complex carbs are protein sparing and do not convert into fat easily. It is helpful to release insulin which is regulate blood glucose levels and carries the protein, creatine, glutamine and other nutrients into the muscle. This all translates into leaner, bigger and harder muscles. It is wonderful supplement for lean muscles and stronger body.


Max Muscle

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