BSN True Mass 5.75 lbs, Chocolate

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BSN true mass designed in a way that it can fulfill all the essential nutrition of the body in the process of bodybuilding. As we know, we all need a good amount of protein in our daily diet plan to maintain our body functioning. It basically works as a building block of muscle and supply strength during a workout. There is various process occurs while muscle building such as cells repairing, muscle growth, cellular energy production etc. All the activity require a certain amount of protein which can be fulfilled by the top quality protein supplement BSN true mass. If you are involved in any kind of sports activity or training for the hardcore muscle building then BSN true mass can help you to achieve that goal.

BSN True Mass

  • BSN True Mass is an ultra premium muscle mass gainer, which helps in building lean body mass.
  • It support for quick recovery of muscle growth, and protein synthesis.
  • BSN True Mass provides you high calorie which supports in the heavy workout session.
  • One serving of BSN True Mass provides 10 grams of BCAAs, 50 grams of protein, 700 calories, and 20 grams EAAs.
  • It contains the perfect blend of carbohydrates which is required for the rapid muscle growth.
  • BSN True Mass is a post-workout recovery supplement.

BSN True Mass Advantages:

  • BSN True Masshas known for the Lean weight gainer with 6 premium protein sources.
  • It doesn’t contain soy protein.
  • 3 scoops of BSN True Mass with 16oz of water, Produces the rich calorie and creamy shakes.
  • Great mixability and delicious taste.



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