Weider Whey Amino 300 Tablets
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Weider Whey Amino 300 Tablets

Brand: Weider
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Type Veg

Weider Whey Aminos is composed of pure whey protein hydrolysate tablets with fast resorption providing quickly available amino acids. Weider Whey Aminos is a highly effective product in every training phase; before workout it helps to avoid muscle reduction for energy recovery, facilitating a longer workout, and directly after workout it accelerates the regeneration through the quick supply of amino acids. The practical form of tablets allows small protein portions, which can be supplied easily distributed over the day. Whey Aminos are the ideal supplier amino acids, since they allow very low-fat protein source. Body supplement price in India is very affordable for all sports persons and body builders.

Form Tablets
Gender Unisex
Life Stage Adult
Self Life 18
Size 300 Tablets
Type Veg

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