Prolab Whey Essential 5 lbs, Vanilla
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Prolab Whey Essential 5 lbs, Vanilla

Brand: Prolab
Product Code: UFL3032
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Flavours Chocolate, Vanilla
Type Veg

Prolab Whey Essential is a great tasting, high quality, whey protein formula. Prolab Pure Whey Powder Chocolate uses only the finest raw material and put it through a series of refined, sensitive filtration steps. Protein provides muscles with a rich source of amino acids _ the building blocks of constructing muscle. Increasing the amount of readily available amino acids helps to stimulate lean muscle growth _ helping you to make the most out of your workout efforts. After a session of intense training, muscles are depleted of these critical nutrients and are starving for replenishment.Micro and ultra filtration at low temperature produces a super clean, undenatured high protein, nitrogen-boosting powder. Prolab Pure Whey Powder Chocolate helps support the protein needs of heavy athletic training and helps maintain positive nitrogen balance (PNB). PNB is the perfect environment for muscle growth, recuperation and repair. Essential Whey is incredibly versatile making it easy to use every day and is ideal for blending into custom shakes and smoothies, adding to cereals and oatmeal, or for making a batch of protein-rich pancakes. Dont slow your own progress; use Prolab Pure Whey Powder Chocolate. Prolab Pure Whey Powder Chocolate mixes easily, is aspartame free and is enhanced with glutamine peptide.

Flavours Chocolate, Vanilla
Form Powder
Gender Unisex
Life Stage Adult
Self Life 18
Size 5 lb
Type Veg

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