Prolab N Large 2, 10 lbs, Chocolate
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Prolab N Large 2, 10 lbs, Chocolate

Brand: Prolab
Product Code: UFL3454
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Flavours Chocolate, Strawberry
Type Veg

Prolab N Large 3 provides a complete mass-gaining advantage to hard gainers and athletes looking to build serious size. The carefully selected blend of proteins, carbohydrates and lipids stack up to provide 600 muscle-building calories per serving to help even the hardest gainers to build muscle. A 45 gram, triplex blend of targeted proteins support maximum gains in three progressive stages. First, Whey Isolate begins to absorb immediately, quickly racing to fuel post-workout repletion and igniting muscle-repairing protein synthesis. Second, Whey Concentrate adds additional protein to keep the rebuilding momentum sustained. The addition of Micellar Casein takes recovery and growth to the next level. Micellar Casein is a gel forming protein that slowly digests for up to 7 hours of muscle growth support. This provides the extended amino acid flow muscles crave to build dense new fibers. Repairing, rebuilding and maintaining these muscle fibers are essential for maximizing growth and size. The amino acids supplied by the 3 stage protein blend helps promote muscle protein synthesis - the very process of building muscle fibers.

Flavours Chocolate, Strawberry
Form Powder
Gender Unisex
Life Stage Adult
Self Life 18
Size 10 lb
Type Veg

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