GXN Rapid Gain Plus 6lb, Milk Masala
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Sale GXN Rapid Gain Plus 6lb, Milk Masala

GXN Rapid Gain Plus 6lb, Milk Masala

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Type Veg

RAPID GAIN PLUS is the new weight gain supplement manufactured by GXN. In this growing world physical appearance matters a lot. Everyone dreams of building up an attractive body having proper shape and wants to build up muscles. But for few, it is just a dream because of their underweight body. Often underweight people look weak and are bullied by everyone so to avoid it they start to overeat but that doesnt works too. The cause of underweight may be either genetics, metabolism, drug use or illness but it need to be cured as it is important to have an adequate body mass for the normal functioning of our body. Being underweight also invites various diseases because of weakened immune system so it must have to managed to sustain a healthy life.

So it becomes a necessity for them to use a mass gainer. There are numerous of them available in the market having exactly same ingredients . The only difference here is the amount of each ingredient. So it is important to make a smart choice and choose a mass gainer which helps in developing a good body not a fat belly. It is a supplement which provides an optimum amount of ingredients required by the body to gain mass. It is an very effective for men. It has an optimum protein to carbohydrate ratio making it the best weight gainer available in market. It solves many of our problems with great benefits such as-

  • It increases the appetite of the person which helps in fast weight gain by the person.

  • It enhances the protein uptake. It improves the bodys ability to absorb the given proteins from the diet which will help in gaining muscle mass thereby increasing the body weight of the person. Making it the best weight gainer for men.

  • It helps to gain body weight hence an effective weight supplement for all.

  • It is highly effective with no side effects making it as a safest choice in weight gain supplements.

  • It also boosts our energy because of the presence of creatine and BCAA. These are the essential amino acids required by our body which are responsible for the generation of ATP by the body enabling fast weight gain by the person.

  • It is available in many flavours like chocolate crme, milk masala , strawberry crme and vanilla crme which will make you enjoy the drink too along with boosting your health. It provides fast weight gain along with delicious taste making it the best supplement available.

  • It is certified by ISO9001:2015, GMP, HACCP and FSSAI which assures its purity. So it is the safest and best weight gainer available.


Form Powder
Gender Unisex
Life Stage Adult
Self Life 18
Size 6 lb
Type Veg

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