GXN Muscle Grow Plus 6lb, Chocolate Creme'
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Sale GXN Muscle Grow Plus 6lb, Chocolate Creme'

GXN Muscle Grow Plus 6lb, Chocolate Creme'

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Type Non Veg

GXN MUSCLE GROW is a new muscle gainer manufactured by GXN. One can add muscle simply by eating right and lifting weights. But to truly maximize your growth potential supplements are a requirement. This is because our daily diet does not contain an adequate amount of protein required by our body. The protein requirement increases to several folds when one aspires of gaining muscle mass. Muscle do not exist without protein.

Besides protein there are a few other nutrients required by the body in order to gain a good mass. These are generally helpful along with proteins to build up the body to its optimum levels. You can find all these ingredients in it.

The body of every individual responds in a different way to different muscle gain supplements. Hence a good muscle gainer should be designed in such a way that it is useful to everyone and harms none. It is optimally designed with natural ingredients so that it is able to perform the same function in everyone. With this you can now buy muscle gainer online.Some of the remarking benefits of the product are as follows-

  • It is designed to increase body insulin levels which maximizes muscle protein hypertrophy. By increasing the protein hypertrophy the rate of synthesis of muscle protein is increased which is beneficial for one who is growing muscle mass.

  • It is cost friendly supplement in India.

  • It has added egg yolk powder with about 57% fat which helps in lean mass gain. The quantity of the yolk protein is controlled in order to prevent excess mass gain to gain lean muscle protein.

  • It has been scientifically validated to help build more muscle size and strength. It is an ideal product for you if you want to gain lean mass within a few weeks and get that dream personality.

  • It is formulated with high quality ingredients. It constitutes creatine and BCAA. They are generally involved in the production of the cellular energy by the cells of the body. Hence it helps us in heavy workouts with an optimum supply of energy required by our body making it the best muscle gainer supplement in India.

  • It is also present in various flavours such as like chocolate crme, vanilla crme and strawberry crme and milk masala providing you health with a good taste.

  • It is being certified by FSSAI, GMP and HACCP which assures its purity and makes it the safest gainer supplement in India.


Form Powder
Gender Unisex
Life Stage Adult
Self Life 18
Size 6 lb
Type Non Veg

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