GXN Carbo Ex 6lb, Unflavoured
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Sale GXN Carbo Ex 6lb, Unflavoured

GXN Carbo Ex 6lb, Unflavoured

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Carbo Ex is an extremely effective nutritional product for the one who desires to build carbohydrates during and after their workout session. It is meant to perform the pivotal role for instant delivering energy that helps in gearing up the glycogen level within your body muscles at the time of extreme workout. CarboEx helps in building up the muscle ATP for fuelling hardcore workouts, by keeping the glycogen amount in muscles; to give relief from tiredness and exhaustion in workouts. It contains zero fat with 71.5 g of carbohydrates and 284 kcal energy


Some of the amazing aspects which will astonish most gym enthusiast, especially gym freaks are the following:

  • It consists of carbohydrates that act as an ample energy source for the body.
  • In order to prevent the body from muscle tissue breakdown, buy Carbo Ex to utilize the spared part of proteins in the muscles.
  • For the requirement of constant and instant energy supply, which is an essential requirement during extreme workout, this nutritional support plays the pivotal role.
  • Helps in boosting up the glycogen level needed during intense exercise/workout, cycling, marathon and running. 
  • Acts as a weight gain supplement, this power has no added flavours.
  • Helps the athletes who aim to apply in any sports event which extends up to 90 minutes to perform amazingly.

People who can use:

Gym enthusiasts are most of the time concerned with what to choose in terms of consuming weight gain supplements. Athletes or other sportsmen too while continuing their busy routines wish to maintain a surplus energy level in order to give extreme performance. It is henceforth more suitable for you to buy Carbo Ex India to maintain your body physically fit. It will help you to face any condition during sports. 

It is advisable not to consume this supplement in case of allergies or if you are undergoing any sort of medication. Proper consultation before consumption is needed by a physician in order to prevent your body from any unwanted side effects. It is strictly avoidable for the children not more than 15 years

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