Cellucor C4 Extreme 174 g, Fruit Punch
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Cellucor C4 Extreme 174 g, Fruit Punch

Brand: Cellucor
Product Code: UFL3327
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Flavours Fruit Punch, Green Apple, Pink Lemonade, Watermelon, Sweet Tea
Type Veg

Pre workout supplements provide us with energy, strength, endurance and lean muscle gains depending on the amount of ingredients that are present in it. Not all pre workouts are made alike. What your buddy in the gym takes might not be the right mix for you. Similarly, what you require from a pre workout might change depending on what sort of exercise you’re doing. The majority of pre workouts are based on stimulating your body, and the majority of them have quite a big hit of caffeine included. If you are sensitive to caffeine, including coffee, cola, or energy drinks, then you might be better suited to take a stimulant free pre workout. So it becomes an essential task to choose a good pre workout supplement.


It is a new pre workout supplement which is capable of providing immense amount of energy. It aids you in your workout sessions to carry out intense exercise without getting tired. C4 extreme helps the body to recover from muscle fatigue due to earlier intense exercise. Cellucor C4 is especially designed for providing the body with required minerals and amino acids which are useful for the generation of energy by our body. C4 supplement enables you to do workout without any tension of the energy booster required within your workouts. Cellucor pre workout makes your body prepared for the training sessions by providing large amount of energy to the body.

Cellucor C4 extreme is highly rich in nutrients such as vitamin C, niacin, vitamin B6, folic acid, vitamin B12, calcium, beta alanine, creatine nitrate and arginine. These all highly nutrient rich ingredients will flood your cells with lots of glucose required for the production of energy. They are also capable of repairing your past injuries effectively. C4 pre workout is an ideal product if you are seeking for a rapid impact. It will help you to extend your workout sessions without any tension of energy requirements of the body. Now you can build extra inches on your muscles without any tension of the energy supply and muscle fatigue. C4 pre workout price in India is highly reasonable as compared to other similar products available. Cellucor C4 extreme is available in delicious fruit punch flavor so you can enjoy your pre workout drink as any other shake.

Flavours Fruit Punch, Green Apple, Pink Lemonade, Watermelon, Sweet Tea
Form Powder
Gender Unisex
Life Stage Adult
Self Life 18
Size 174 g
Type Veg

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