BSN NO Explode 1.11 kg, 60 Serv. Fruit Punch
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BSN NO Explode 1.11 kg, 60 Serv. Fruit Punch

Brand: BSN
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Flavours Fruit Punch, Blue Razz
Type Non Veg


It is specially designed for gym trainees who aspire of doing excessive workout and gain good muscle mass. This new pre workout formula is especially designed to provide you the required amount of energy preventing muscle fatigue or cramps in your body. So it enables you to your workout without any tension of the energy booster required within your workouts. It does all the work for you and floods your body with essential ions required by the body. It is highly rich in energy providing ingredient required by the body for the supply of instant energy. It makes your body prepared for the training sessions by providing large amount of energy to the body.

No Xplode 60 serving fruit punch preworkout supplement is highly effective in increasing your energy prior to your workout and enables you to enhance your workout without getting tired. We all go to gym with a lot of enthusiasm and motivation aspiring to build up a good physique. But all this is stopped because of low energy and muscle fatigue due to excessive workout. BSN NO XPLODE 1.11kg  is the solution to all these problems faced by you. It is enriched with high quality ingredients capable to boost your body with lots of energy required in your daily workout. It provides 60 serving from one product amping your 60 workouts.

BSN NO XPLODE 1.11kg is rich in high quality ingredients which are able to supply energy to your body within a few minutes of uptake. It is readily absorbed by your body with a release of energy. Ingredients present in the product includes vitamins (vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin B1, vitamin B6, vitamin B12), pantothenic acid, magnesium and various amino acids required by our body. Bsn no xplode provides vitamins and minerals which are involved in boosting  energy in the body and amino acids are involved in the formation of the muscle mass in the body. So it provides energy for intense workouts as well as proteins for the formation of the muscle mass in the body. These all ingredients have been extracted from natural sources which assures its purity. It does not contain any artificial ingredient which ensures you that no harm has been done to your body by the consumption of BSN NO XPLODE 1.11kg rather naturally rich ingredients are added to the body which makes our body capable of doing an extra set of exercise. Bsn no xplode 36 serving price in India is highly reasonable as compared to other similar products.


Flavours Fruit Punch, Blue Razz
Form Powder
Gender Unisex
Life Stage Adult
Self Life 18
Size 1.11 kg
Type Non Veg

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